Friday, October 26, 2007

The case of the Flamingoes killed in the Frankfurt Zoo

We all know that animal abuse takes place all the time and everywhere. People who are ok with abusing animals are normally just as ok with abusing humans. A life is a life.

The only reason why animals get abused routinely, is because the human world endorses animal abuse.

If people were all ethically veg, there would exist firm laws that would punish abusers just as much as ... but I know ... even with the toughest laws against murder, people are nevertheless able to just go ahead and kill.

If these killers won't get caught, which is likely, (and even if they get caught punishment will be lax - or be up to 3 years, which is lax too) REAL JUSTICE will eventually take it's forceful grip on them via their very own death.

Will you cry for them? I mean for the abuser/s, for any abuser/s???

I won't