Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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Canada: More than one million seals killed within three years
GAIA (Belgium) organised a virtual condolence book


350 000: that is the number of seals killed in an atrocious way in Canada last year. More than one million seals will have to perish there in three years, because, according to Canadian authorities, they are responsible for the reduction in the cod population. Of course, that is absurd: Overfishing is the principal cause of this reduction.

The seals are chased, clubbed, and dragged on metal hooks to a point where they are skinned when they are often still conscious.

GAIA opened a condolence book which people can sign to show their respect for the 350 000 victims last year and the 375 000 seals which will be massacred now.

Source/Quelle: GAIA - Dans le projecteur - Signez le registre de condoléances