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I certainly don't agree with people who are e.g. pro animal experimentation on the following message board - of which there are a few on there - but I still believe that major points where groups such as peta fail in their mission as AR or AW orgs, need to be highlighted and cannot simply be "generously overlooked".

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Actually, no

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Please see my edited post. They kept one of the employees, Cook, on the job even after he was indicted. And the PETA president's "statement" was incredibly defensive & lame. She admitted that PETA kills almost all of the animals they take, (w/methods they prefer), and didn't notice when the defendant didn't bring back any of the "saved" animals for weeks; then the PETA president tried to say that the defendants' actions WEREN'T CRUEL TO ANIMALS. There's no apology, and there's a big attempt to minimize what these employees did. I have no respect for anyone who can justify cruelty to animals, whether that's a makeup company, or PETA.


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I want to like PETA

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Because I love animals. But shit like this makes me think that PETA is a pack of ideologues who care more about The Cause then they do about actually protecting animals. That story is awful, and it seems like the entire scope of the crimes isn't even known yet. Apparently, dead animals were showing up in garbage cans for weeks before the defendants were finally caught & charged w/the latest dumping. An animal rescue volunteer became suspicious & tipped off police after seeing trucks full of 80+ animals leaving no-kill shelters, w/o any paper trail indicating where the animals were taken. And the animal rescue person testified that the officials at PETA assured her, often, that the animals would be placed in homes. This isn't just one rogue operative; it seems to be a systematic practice within the organization.

Looking at the article, it seems like PETA's rate of sucessfully finding homes for animals might even be worse than the pound. The news article says that PETA euthanized 2,278 animals in 2004, and only placed 321 in homes. In 2005, they euthanized 1,946 animals, and only placed 146. A blog has posted the official statistics from the VA Dept. of Agriculture for 1999-2005. According to PETA's own reports, more than 80% of the animals that they take each year are killed.http://www.petakillsanimals.com/downloads/PetaKillsAnim... Newkirk alleges that PETA "makes no secret" of the fact that most North Carolina animals that the "Community Animal Project" takes are killed. Here's the website for PETA's "Community Animal Project"; it doesn't even mention that the animals are euthanized. http://www.helpinganimals.com/about_cap.asp I'm willing to bet PETA had the animals shipped up to VA just in order to circumvent NC laws that require a veterinarian to be present during euthanizations. And this is protecting animals? I don't think so. I would never give an animal to this organization.


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It appears that PETA's "problem" with this was only the way the bodies were disposed. nt


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Would you expect them to say that it is? Just looking at the facts...PETA employees, PETA van, PETA contact with NO-KILL shelters to take their animals, PETA employees in PETA van found with vials of euthanasia solution, PETA employees -caught- dumping dead animals (and it wasn't the first time they'd done it...same employees) that were alive when they picked them up. If the word PETA wasn't associated with that story, but another animal group, what would be your first reaction?


In the end of the day: the message that the biggest and most famous AR group is pro euthanazia, might break the back of the cerdibility of a whole movement. And most of all, a pro euthanazia attitude of a AR or AW group undermines the goal of the inalienable right to live AND THE ATTITUDE, IN IT'S CONSEQUENCE, FACTUALLY TAKES LIFES.

What are your goals in AR? Being an ethically motivated vegan? To put new wine in old bottles would be to fit the huge concept of Animal Rights in the space that our current concepts would allow.

It needs better arguments than those which seek to fit animals into a paradoxically "internalized" Archimedic Point.

Two cases:

Posted by South Florida Sun-Sentinel May 25, 2007 Permalink

Duck killed, setting off dispute



San Francisco Chronicle

Reward money raised in duck killing case is donated
Delfin Vigil, Chronicle Staff WriterMonday, September 10, 2007

Reward money raised in duck killing case is donated


EXTREMELY SHOCKING, heard about it on AFN yesterday:

Felony charge filed in duck's murder

By The Associated PressArticle Last Updated: 09/24/2007 05:29:39 PM MDT


see photo of Scott D. Clark (Ramsey County Jail St. Paul Pioneer-Press) on this page.


Police: Man Beheads Tame Hotel Duck

September 24, 2007 - 10:12 am



Man charged with killing duckSeptember 24, 2007

Scott D. Clark, 26, of Denver, faces a maximum sentence of two years in jail and a $5,000 fine