Thursday, June 24, 2004


Dear Friends,

We recently learned that the Chicago radio station, The Drive (WDRV - FM
is promoting the Wauconda (IL) Rodeo by running a public service announcement
for it.

The rodeo will be taking place on the weekend of July 10th & 11th at the
Wauconda Rodeo Grounds at Rt. 12 and Case. Please politely contact this station,
as the coordinator of the announcements does seem sympathetic to the issue.
Please explain to them that rodeos are not family entertainment, but rather
incredibly cruel and inhumane to animals. Urge them to visit to watch actual video footage taken at many rodeos in Illinois, including
the Wauconda Rodeo.

Most importantly, please inform them that just last week, two rodeo stock
contractors pled guilty to the charge of cruelty to animals after SHARK exposed
them illegally shocking bulls during a rodeo last September in Morris,
One of the two, Michael Latting, will be the stock contractor for the
Wauconda Rodeo, which means he'll provide the animals for the event. So, basically,
they are promoting an event being put on by a convicted animal abuser.

Please contact:

Jerry Schnacke, Vice President and General Manager
WDRV - The Drive
875 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite 1510
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-274-1310
Fax: 312-274-1311

Please also contact Kathy Voltmer, who coordinates the Public Service
Announcements for the station. She can be reached by:

Phone: 312-274-9710

Thanks in advance!



“Has anyone betrayed more animals than the American Veterinary Medical

Today’s New York Times Runs Full Page Ad Targeting AVMA Perfidy

United Poultry Concerns is pleased to be a sponsor of a powerful full-page
ad in today’s New York Times (page A17) targeting the AVMA’s betrayal of
chickens and other farmed animals. To view, click on:

For an extensive discussion of the AVMA anti-animal policies, you can listen
to the June 7 edition of KPFK’s Watchdog, in which Karen Dawn interviewed
Professor Peter Singer (who heads up Animal Rights International), Karen
Davis, PhD, president of United Poultry Concerns, and AVAR consultant
veterinarian Dr Holly Cheever. It is archived online. Go to and click on “AVMA – June 7.”

Thursday 24th June 2004 - For Immediate Use


A new report, SILENT LAMBS: Sheep Welfare in Scotland has been produced by
Advocates for Animals, Scotland's leading animal protection organisation. It
is released today to coincide with the start of The Royal Highland Show, the
Scottish farming industry's showcase event. The public perception is that
sheep live idyllic lives. However, this comprehensive scientific report
exposes the truth about the reality of life for the 8 million sheep in

The damning report reveals major areas of concern including:

* Millions of Scottish sheep suffering unnecessarily from distressing but
preventable and treatable and diseases

* Hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of Scottish sheep and lambs
suffering unnecessarily from painful lameness each year, especially footrot

* Hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of sheep suffering
unnecessarily from preventable parasitic diseases such as sheep scab and

* Millions of lambs unnecessarily and painfully mutilated by having their
tails removed and being castrated

* Shocking death-rates of up to 15% of lambs and 6% of ewes around lambing

* Diseases not being reported by farmers, potentially allowing the diseases
to spread

* Diseased sheep in large flocks or remote areas being left to suffer
without treatment

* Farmers diagnosing and treating diseases incorrectly and being slow to
obtain veterinary assistance

* Lack of coordinated collection of data on disease prevalence, and the
probability that reported cases may be only the 'tip of the iceberg'

* Lack of inspections and enforcement of welfare standards on farms

* Assurance Scheme welfare standards little more than minimum legal

* Continuing reliance on livestock markets which are known to be stressful
and harbour and spread infectious diseases

* The payment in subsidies of over #70 million of taxpayers' money each
year to Scottish sheep farmers

The report makes numerous recommendations, which Advocates for Animals
believes must be acted upon urgently by the sheep industry and the Scottish

Advocates for Animals' Director, Ross Minett, says:

"Many people believe that sheep live an idyllic life, grazing in open
fields. However, as our report has clearly revealed, behind this image, the
sheep industry as a whole presides over endemic neglect and a failure to
tackle issues of health and welfare that leads to suffering for millions of
animals every year. It is unacceptable for any animal to be left to suffer,
for whatever reason, when intervention could prevent or relieve its misery.

Sheep farmers cannot expect to continue to receive vast amounts of taxpayers
' money through subsidies, whilst the standards of sheep welfare are so

We also believe that, as with other businesses involving animals, farmers,
animal dealers and workers should be licensed and independently assessed.
Anyone unable to provide good standards of animal welfare and husbandry, for
whatever reason, should be prohibited from keeping sheep."

- ENDS -