Wednesday, November 12, 2003

This is a comment on people who don't consider the problem of so called farm animals a core part of the priority issues of animal rights:

This is a reply to someone who wrote that "meat" eaters and people who promote or distribute "meat" at a meeting for animal protection causes, should not be confronted with vegan protesters, if these meat eaters or the people who offer the "meat" do help nonhuman animals, but do not help mainly with the reestablishing of the ethical integrity of "farm animals".

The person argued that "In NO WAY can a DEFENSE [of those people who consider animals as resources] be considered an 'attack' [directed at the vegan protesters]"

Our reply to this was:

What would you tell people who have released farm animals? Just yesterday I saw pictures from the Frente de Liberación Animal in Spain rescuing baby-piglets. These men are heroes! Would you say their efforts for reestablishing the dignity of these young animals should just count nothing - NOTHING???

If you say that a defense can not be considered an attack, than that would also apply to those people defending the farm animals...unless one sees vegan protesters with binoculars of negative prejudice.

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