Friday, January 16, 2004


Belgium Bans Seal, Dog, and Cat Fur

Source: Political Animal, BanFur

Press release – 16.01.04

Belgium will ban the import and sale of dog, cat and seal fur

GAIA enthusiastically welcomes the decision of Ministers Van den Bossche (Environment), Demotte (Public Health and Animal Welfare) and Moerman (Economics)

A wonderful start to the year for animals

The animal rights organisation GAIA is delighted. Three ministers, Freya Van den Bossche (Environment), Rudy Demotte (Public Health and Animal Welfare) and Fientje Moerman (Economics) have decided to ban the import and the trading of dog, cat and seal fur in Belgium. GAIA heard the news yesterday. The way the three ministers tacked the problem and took the decision together is a first in Belgium, says GAIA chairman Michel Vandenbosch. Just before Christmas, GAIA and Dierenleed Azië (Animal Suffering Asia) had conducted a protest action in front of the cabinet of Minister Freya Van den Bossche to call for a ban
on cat and dog fur. Immediately afterwards, GAIA had launched a campaign to send thousands of 'season's greetings' cards to the Minister of the Environment. Earlier GAIA
had demonstrated against the gruesome slaughter of seals in Canada and called for the Belgian ministers to ban the import of all seal fur. The decision is a wonderful gift from the ministers to animals at the start of the New Year.

It is also of course a powerful signal to the rest of Europe not to tolerate the cruelty with which this kind of item is produced. In banning dog and cat fur, Belgium is following the example of Italy, where a ban has been in force since 2003. Belgium is however the first
country in Europe to ban all seal fur.

Today, Friday 16 January at 2pm, representatives of GAIA and Dierenleed Azië (Animal Suffering Asia) met with representatives of the ministers of Economics, Environment and Animal Welfare, who gave them more information about the practical measures that they will put in place.

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