Sunday, November 30, 2003

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time of depression (depression: what a term that is, yuk)

when there is no "people" to be your friends. when you know most "humans" have you in their periphery as an inferior enemy-thing. when you know you can't stop all that craze you cannot ever grasp. then you have had to know you just cannot be alone. you just cannot be alone.

so your friends don't own any power. they may not be able to BEAT their ways through.

you know that sadness counts nothing to most "humans". you know sadness doesn't have any meaning in the world of most "humans".

your friends know that.

that's why they use your friends for prooving your friends are "just biological".

that's why they question your friends' selves; that means THE OTHER'S selves!

that's why they call us all dumb.

and that's why we will think we are alone forever.

but we are alone in our friendship!

that means we are together too

it's time for forgetting about all the shit categories.

I am alone. I'm sad. but I believe in my friends, and all my life is committed to them alone.

But why do "these some human guys" just always, always want to draw us down. they never stop. cos it's fun it seems. its shit fun to them. they never stop.

however that is, but don't forget, WE! are not alone!!!