Friday, February 27, 2004



SOURCE: [BanFur] Fur-Free Activist Update 2/26/04

News: Anti-fur cartoons run in major newspapers across North America this winter

Dan Piraro is an animal advocate and creator of the Bizarro comic strip. For his “edgy, offbeat, surreal, satirical, and, yes, bizarre look at our idiosyncratic world,” Dan Piraro has won The National Cartoonists’ Society’s "Best Newspaper Cartoon Panel" three years in a row (2000, 2001 and 2002). Lately, he has done several cartoons criticizing the fur industry in funny and thought-provoking ways. You can view his anti-fur comics by going to

and looking up the comics from December 22, 2003,
January 11, 2004, and February 26, 2004.

Mutts cartoonist Patrick McDonnell also had a week-long series of anti-fur comics. You can view them by
going to

and looking up the comics between Monday Jan 12-Friday Jan 16, 2004.

Pass these cartoons along to any friends or colleagues who might need to see the Fur-Free message presented in a humorous manner!