Wednesday, January 05, 2005


IPPL is sending a donation to help the Indonesian environmental
group WALHI with its efforts to assist in the Sumatran province of Aceh,
location of the Gunung Leuser National Park, which is one of the last
strongholds of the Sumatran orangutan. Go to the web site and click on "English" if you want to help this
affected area directly.


2.) SOURCE: Asociation of Protection of Animals

Hi, My name is Eli and I´m writing from Asociation of Protection of Animals
Almería (Spain). S.O.S ALBERGUE PARA PERROS VAGABUNDOS is a charity asociation
who is formed by volunteers dedicated to helping dogs in need. Actualy We have
rescued 500 dogs and 100 cats already. All these come from shelters where they
was waiting for be euthanasied or they have been abandoned by owners or rescued
from the road. In our refugee the animals aren´t euthanasied, they are rescued
and come into be rehabilitated, vaccinated, cared, spayed or neutered and
provided loving foster homes. In Spain many pets are abandoned by owners in
vacations and is very difficult all can find a new and happy home. If you can
help us to find a new home for this pets, please, contact us in email or call +34 699 43 46 24 (Corinne, she speak English and
French). If you wish meet someone rescued pets are into refugee you can to
visit our web site:

there are 200 adoptables pets already. All are pets with a excellent character,
sweet, playful, healthy, obedient, good kids and dogs. Many of them are small
size, they will be a great company. We are saturated because in Almería many
pets are abandoned and our rescued pets never are euthanasied (except
prescription vet for avoid suffering in incurables cases) and our economy is
very precarious. It´s very complicate maintain the refugee. If you have news
and goods families for those pets, please, contact us. Thanks you very much.

I know my letter is very short but my English is very bad, I only speak a
little. Please, if you can help us, writte me or contact with Corinne, she is
the forewoman of refuge and she speak English and French very well. Thanks very