Wednesday, January 21, 2004


ANTI-AR ARTIST: Francis Upritchard

SOURCE: Sharon

Subject: Camden Arts Centre

In the Mail on Sunday (18 Jan) there is an article about Francis Upritchard, a student at Camden Arts Centre, who uses real fur. She boasts openly about how she cut up the family pet, a ginger tom, to turn it into an exhibit. In an interview with an arts website in New Zealand, she says "My brother Robert got given $20 to dispose of the cat. So he got some thinly sliced ham from the fridge and gave it to the cat and when he was bending down eating it....he hit him on the back of the head with a shovel. Then he rang me up straight away at art school and brought it to college in a rubbish bag. It was a fat cat and its body was really hot. I had to put it in the freezer and make it more dead". She then relayed in vivid detail the processes of skinning a dead cat. "I cut it down the belly and then turned it all inside out. The hardest bits are around the eyes and things."

PETA has reacted with horror about this.

In a statement, Camden Arts Centre director Jenni Lomax said "Francis Upritchard is working at the centre as part of a scheme to support artiststs and and give the public access to their creative process. Recycling is a large part of her work. Recently her work has included creatures made from old fur coats discarded in charity shops, which are parodies of Victorian hunting trophies. We are delighted she is part of our programme. I hope people will visit the centre and see her work for themselves".

Ms Upritchard also says "I used to be a vegetarian for a long time but now that I eat meat, I eat the whole thing including the offal, because I think it's wrong to be wasteful. The taxidermist I work with took me through all the ethics and the snake I am stuffing at the moment".

Please give Camden Arts Centre a call on (+44) 207 472 5500 or e-mail them on to register your disgust.