Wednesday, April 07, 2004

SOURCE: Banhunting

Revealed: ‘canned’ fox hunting in the heart of England

Further to the recent League Against Cruel Sports investigation into the barbaric activities of a Welsh gun pack (the Plas Machynlleth), we can now reveal the findings of an investigation which exposes fox hunting yet again for the cruel, barbaric and totally unnecessary practice it is.

One of the Midland's most recognised fox hunts has been secretly filmed holding a fox captive in a specially designed chamber before subjecting it to a prolonged 'dig out' involving a huntsman, hounds and terrier men armed with spades, pitchforks and drain rods.

The unprecedented film, showing scenes akin to the controversial 'canned' hunting of big game in Africa, was obtained during a major undercover investigation into the activities of the Croome and West Warwickshire Fox Hounds. It reveals a catalogue of fresh video evidence incontrovertibly proving that fox hunting is an elaborate game that has nothing to do with pest control - and everything to do with killing for sport.

During a four-month operation, League Against Cruel Sports investigators infiltrated the Croome Fox Hounds and gathered extensive evidence of hunt staff attempting to ensure a ready supply of foxes to chase and an exhilarating experience for paying participants. Covert film shows hunt officials systematically making use of a network of specially constructed artificial earths in a secretive process designed to source, locate, chase and kill foxes for sport.

Please click here for further information on the investigation and to read the accompanying report Unearthed.

If you are appalled by what you have seen, please email your MP directly from the League website and urge him or her to call for the immediate reintroduction of the Hunting Bill so that this barbaric activity can finally be outlawed. Click here to email your MP now.

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