Thursday, January 15, 2004

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Please, Good People, Go Vegan!, UPC letter published in the January 14-20, 2004 edition of the Seattle Weekly

Assume No Animal Products Are Safe, By Karen Davis, PhD


Our letter to the Austrian authorities:

I am writing about the situation going on at
Safaripark Gänserndorf in Austria.

I am aware that this home of 800 rescued animals is
very close to closing down, but it would be a tragedy
if that were to happen.

Whatever the reasons are, that have put this animal
park in this very bad situation, I don't think the 800
animals should have to lose their lives because of it.

I think there must be enough Austrian officials who
know how to deal with an emergency like this, that the
park's financial troubles can be examined, and
solutions found, so that the park can continue to

This park sounds like it is a special treasure.
Serious effort should be made to keep it from

It would be great if more parks like this would be
created around the world. I hope the Safaripark
Gänserndorf in Austria will always be around to help
inspire that to happen, and be an example for the
others to follow.

I thank you for whatever you can do to help this
special park survive.


veganswines, etc.


The Safaripark Gaenserndorf in Austria:

40 Chimps who have been saved from Baxter Labs,
Austria, and rehomed to the Safaripark
Gänserndorf in Austria (website: ) and many animals
formerly held in zoos and circuses, urgently need
international help and support.

The Safaripark Gänserndorf who has a reputation
for taking compassionate and professional care of
“discarded” and confiscated wild animals from
zoos and circuses mainly, is on the verge of
having to shut down, and the animals who live
there – amongst them 40 Chimps rehabilitated from
a vivisection lab – could even face euthanasia.

Other parks and zoos are not willing to take any
of these animals, states a public letter sent to
the Austrian authorities by the major Austrian
AR/AW groups in the search for urgent government

800 animals currently live in Gänserndorf. The
Austrian AR/AW organizations state that
Gänserndorf currently is the only facility in the
EU that has specialized on the rehoming of
abandoned "zoo-" and "circus-" animals on a
larger scale, and provides relatively big spaces
for the animals.

Please write to the Austrian authorities to ask
them to financially support Gänserndorf to secure
the lives of the animals who are living there.

The Addresses are:

Local Authories:

Landeshauptmann von Niederösterreich
Dr. Erwin Pröll
Landhausplatz 1, Haus 1a,
3109 St. Pölten, Austria
Office: +43-2742-9005-12027
Fax: +43-02742-9005-13030

Chancellor of Austria:

Bundeskanzler Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel
Ballhausplatz 2
1014 Wien/Vienna

(NOTE: from the US you would dial 011+43 as the
country code, and from within the EU you would
dial 00+43)

Safaripark Gänserndorf addy:

The information on which this alert bases were
provided by Ms. Silvia Summerer,, Austria.

Thank you for reading our mail!