Friday, October 10, 2003


also ... the primates at novatris

Dear Shaynie,

That's horrible. I didn't hear it yet, only now.

Same kind of situation going on with Novartis (who are also involved in xenotransplantation: ...see uncaged campaigns...'diaries of despair')

My colleague in Austria wants to forward me information and we want to make an international call for help regarding the monkeys held at novartis' labs.

Ms. Summerer in Austria had reached with the austrian anti-vivisection group she worked for, to get chimps released from Baxter Labs (in Austria) and these chimps have a home in at 'Gänserndorf, Austria' now. See:

We will also ask the IPPL for help, who helped already with the chimps at Baxter.

Ms. Summerer says it might likely be harder since protection of non-great-ape primates is not considered so high on the agenda of public interest concerning animal wellfare, but still there is a chance to succeed with international help.

As soon as I got her infos, which she still has to gather, I will post them here and elsewhere.