Thursday, February 02, 2006


Romanian authorities started mass-extermination of homeless animals. The law regarding strays' administration has as consequences the "conviction" of dogs without owners to a brutal death!

Local authorities are administrating few local shelters all over Romania, in which dog catchers (uneducated people, without any compassion) are slaughtering innocent dogs with a cruelty that is hard to be described.

They did it before, and nothing will stop them from applying barbarian and "free" euthanasia methods: killing with sticks and rocks, torturing animals, injecting poison into animals' hearts, hanging dogs,shooting dogs...!

Since yesterday, they started to murder dogs right on the streets, in front of children, protected by the police!

Romanian media is offering support to the authorities, by refusing to broadcast the real story! The mayor of Bucharest menaced to "throw in jail" any protesters. And this is taking place in an european country, in the year 2006!

All slaughters that are taking place in Romania broke many national and international laws (The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, The International Animal Protection Regulations, The Humans Rights,...), and without constant international pressure, nothing will be changed here for animals!


Sample of protest letter:

"Dear Sir or Madam,
I was recently been made aware of horrendous massacres of street dogs that continues to take place throughout Romania in an attempt to ‘clean up’ it’s cities’ image. I am aware that Romania prides itself on the fact it is to join the European community in 2007. However, as a European, I can assure you that any form of extermination of the kind undertaken in your country; through the barbaric means of poisoning, beating and shooting animals to death is no longer a European option.

You have full knowledge of these atrocities that are regularly occurring and as such you have a choice. I ask you to question your own moral conscience, what crimes have these dogs committed that should ensure their death warrant? I suggest none other than being unfortunate enough to have to live on Romanian streets.

By choosing not to act, you are implicitly condoning the inexcusable slaughter of innocent animals.

I strongly urge you to do everything in your power to stop the killing of street dogs and address overpopulation issues in the only proven humane way that works! The ONLY acceptable means of controlling stray animal population by civilized nations is through tried and tested sterilization programs.

Please ensure a strict Spey- Neuter- Release programme is implemented throughout the entire country. The International community is both appalled and disappointed to learn that such atrocities are being carried out in your Romania. I implore you to continue to accept assistance from International animal welfare organisations, but use it in the maner for which it is intended; namely that of saving the lives of healthy animals and not contributing to their senseless murder.

I look forward to your reply,



Please write directly to the following addresses to express to Romanian authorities your point of view :

Romanian Prime Minister,Mr.Calin Popescu -Tariceanu:;

Bucharest Mayor Mr.Adriean Videanu:

Bucharest Deputy Mayor Mr.Ludovic Orban:

Minister of Agriculture(responsable with animals,also):

Mr.Gheorghe Flutur - E-mail:,