Thursday, February 12, 2004

...........wer hätte das gedacht?...................

'In Temple Grandin's universe the slaughter
never ends. It expands. She supports taking
"food" animals to outer space to stock new worlds
with a meat supply for us to perpetuate ourselves
and our behavior through eternity. I am not going
with her in any mode of travel.' Karen Davis, PhD,


'The SS called its tube leading to the death
center the "Road to Heaven," but, Patterson asks,
how does their mockery differ from meat industry
scientist, Temple Grandin, who calls the tube she
designed for driving cattle to their death the
"Stairway to Heaven"?'


'Ingrid Newkirk says "Temple Grandin [designer of
the now widely-used slaughterhouse layout that
mimimizes cruelty and trauma to animals awaiting
slaughter] has done more to reduce suffering in
the world than any other person who has ever


'A collaboration between renowned animal scientist
Temple Grandin and Chicago-based artist Wendy
Jacob. The effects of Grandin's autism led her,
at age 18, to develop an apparatus, based upon
cattle handling chutes, which applied soothing,
mechanical pressure to her body to calm her
anxiety and environmental sensitivity. Together,
Jacob and Grandin have reinterpreted this
original squeeze mechanism in the form of two
upholstered livingroom "squeeze chairs" which
anyone might try. The exhibition is accompanied
by 14 of Grandin's drawings of humane livestock
handling facilities.

Bakalar gallery.


'None of this is to say that Grandin's groundbreaking work in animal rights is to be denied, but I wonder what is the sense of including her drawings? As words such as "bleed rail" or "crippled cattle" or "keep them calm" leap out at me, I am put more into the place of those animals being led to slaughter, than any kind of response to bodily or aesthetic stimuli.'

Jane D. Marsching

.....................schlimmer geht's immer.................aber so etwas ist leider kein "water und under the bridge"...das wäre ja umweltverschmutzung...................