Thursday, August 14, 2008

more malware spam

malware spam "":

If you get this email

Good day.
You have received an eCard

To pick up your eCard, choose from any of the following options:
Click on the following link (or copy & paste it into your web browser): [dot] exe

Your card will be aviailable for pick-up beginning for the next 30 days.
Please be sure to view your eCard before the days are up!

We hope you enjoy you eCard.

Thank You!

http://www.greetingcard [dot] org

then don't click on it, cos obviously its malware spam, see:

This person runs the domain "":

Name: Christian Spindler
Organisation: Freaky-Minds
Address: Bahnhofstr. 15
Postal code: 95028
City: Hof
Country: DE