Monday, April 09, 2007


Felix is a primate who is currently incarcerated inside Oxford Universityand will be used in a series of experiments into brain function. Felix wasfeatured in the BBC2 documentary, 'Monkeys, Rats and Me', shown in November2006. Imagine being condemned to live your whole life behind bars in a cage thatis barely big enough to hold you. Imagine, never being able to see beyondthe bars into the natural world that is your birthright, never breathefresh air, never interact and form relationships with your own kind. Inthis life, you will be 'trained' to do tricks for a reward, and will bepunished if you fail; you will have electrodes implanted deep into yourbrain through your skull, you will experience years of abuse and then atthe end of that abuse you will be put to death. This is the fate thatawaits Felix.There is now a Fighting for Felix Petition online. Please go to: and sign the petition
Watch the Felix video:
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Wherever you live in the world you can play your part in helping us toFight for Felix. The SPEAK Fighting for Felix petition is just a part, but nonetheless animportant part in our fight to get Felix released. It's important that we act NOW before it's too late. Please cross post widely and forward the petition details to family andfriends. Felix needs us all, let's not let him down. Thank you. SPEAK Campaigns