Tuesday, December 06, 2005



See the OCTOBER 2005 issue of the Animal People News

This is however not were you are going to find the PEOPLE for the ethical "treatment" (...) of Animals.

You will find this huge group on the subsequent page in the AP NEWS amongst the heterogenity of the local US animal advocate groups:

"Many more helped during the Hurricane Katrina/Rita disaster"


"PETA on September 4 sent an open letter from actress Rue McClanahan to U.S. President George W. Bush, urging him to allow animal rescue groups into New Orleans. But “By the time the letter was posted,” Best Friends News noted, “rescue groups had already been allowed into the city for two days.” McClanahan and PETA also asked that New Orleans evacuees be allowed to take their animals with them––24 hours after Jefferson Parish animal control chief Bert Smith told Best Friends News that this had belatedly become policy. A PETA boat team operated from the Lamar-Dixon rescue center for seven days in mid-September. The team returned to Norfolk, Virginia, with 32 dogs. A second team worked into October."

I wished Rue McClanahan would stop supporting an organization that undermines NO-
KILL efforts and is fanatically pro-euthanazia.