Wednesday, April 06, 2005


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SOURCE OF TEXT BELOW: SchNEWS, to be more exact from this weeks issue:!

In possibly the least covert action in Animal
Liberation history,
a conjuror's rabbit was pinched in the middle of
his act. One
lucky bunny this Easter was Georgina, freed from
a life of bright
lights, confined spaces and a buffoon pulling
handkerchiefs out of
his nose.

The "Great Velcro"- Mr Lynn Thomas - was said to
have "come
unstuck" at the news that "Hey, Presto!" Georgina
had permanently

Lynn, 61, a royalist sycophant who has performed
for the Queen Mum
(before she died presumably) said: "I was in the
middle of my act
when I saw this shadow out the corner of my eye
fumbling with my
top hat, then someone from the audience came up
to me and said
'Was that man supposed to run off with your

To make a rabbit disappear is old hat, but both
hat and rabbit -
Now that's magic!

The cunningly disguised dreadlocked thief
disappeared into the
night with a cry of "You'll like this, but not a
lot..." The Great
Velcro was understandably 'sad' with this loss
of, what was
apparently, his fourth rabbit. SchNEWS would like
to know if
anyone knows what became of any of his previous
rabbits - to
misquote Oscar Wilde: "To lose one rabbit might
be a misfortune,
but to lose four sounds like a conspiracy."

According to an anonymous postcard received by
SchNEWS, Georgina
is planning a permanent retirement from show